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Motivated Abilities


I am endowed with a desire to learn. I enjoy gaining knowledge, understanding, or skill. A joy in learning for its own sake may characterize this part of my motivation, or the learning process for me may be stimulated by a need or desire for proficiency or mastery. The right environment will provide me with time and opportunity to learn.

by doing, trying, self-teaching, experimenting

My method of learning involves getting directly involved in doing the thing I want to learn. I want to try my hand at particu­lar skills, techniques or procedures. It is likely that a challenge to my capabilities is a strong element in my motivation to learn. I may briefly observe others doing what I want to learn how to do, but I am quick to jump in and have a go at it my­self. Immediate setbacks or failures do not usually discourage you. I persevere and work my way along by trial and error until I sense that I am getting it right. Sports, manual skills, and crafts are particularly well suited to my type of learning ability. Mastering the operation of equipment or machinery may be another way I express my motivation. The net result of my efforts is to gain an effective grasp of the thing I set out to learn. The right environment will provide the challenge, occasion and encouragement to test my potential by trying out new skills and unfamiliar tasks.


An ability to investigate is part of my motivational design. I am stimulated by problems, questions, or considerations that require me to observe or study things and to find out facts, details, principles, etc. that are not immediately evident or obvious. I enjoy digging beneath the surface to bring to light information that allows me to get to the heart of a matter. The right circumstances for me will provide the freedom and encouragement to exercise my investigative ability.

by interviewing, inquiring, gathering general information

My investigative ability involves getting information from people. I like to find out things by asking people questions. This may entail formally interviewing them or just picking their brains in casual conversation. I may, for instance, get the facts about an incident by carefully questioning eyewitnesses. Perhaps, I come up with the information I need to solve a problem by chatting with an expert on the golf course or at a party. It could be that my inquiries aim at probing the character and inner thoughts of people. My investigative skill might well include an excellent sense of how to phrase and time a question. I may be highly successful at creating an atmosphere in which people open up and freely share their ideas and insights. The right working circumstances will allow me to learn from others in this way. There should be an opportunity for me to gather information and knowledge by asking questions of others.


My motivation features an enthusiasm for evaluating and for drawing conclusions. I like to examine things, people, phenomena, informa­tion, etc. and to come away with a clear sense of their meaning, their nature, or their implications. I want to piece together the signifi­cance of details, facts, or figures and/or to puzzle out underlying principles and concepts. Through my examination and thought, I seek to arrive at definitive conclusions. The right working circum­stances will provide me with frequent opportunity to fix an evalua­tive attention on matters and to form a clear understanding of them.

by deciding, judging merits

I am a decision-maker motivated to evaluate by weighing pros and cons. I tend to make decisions or choices through an even-handed consideration of the relative merits of all the factors involved in a matter. It is important for me to be able to exercise my judgment through a rational examination of alternatives. Once I have all the pertinent information laid out in front of you, I review the particulars of the matter and sort them out according to their strong and weak points. It is highly probable that I bring a set of well-defined criteria to my scrutiny of the facts. Perhaps, pragmatic concerns, such as, time or cost factors are what tips the scale to one side or the other for you. It could be that certain values or principles are the point upon which I base my final determination. I may move quickly through the process or mull things over for a long time. The right working circumstances will challenge my decision-making powers and require me to exercise my judgment in complex matters.

by appraising, assessing

Determining value, importance or merit is the focus of my evaluative ability. Judging the worth or significance of things tends to be an almost involuntary response for you. It is likely that I seek to set a value on virtually anything that captures my attention. Whether my judgments are the result of a quick but expert once-over or a methodical inspection, I bring specific criteria or tests to bear on the subject or object under my con­sideration. Perhaps, the qualities I notice relate to monetary or market value. It could be that I appraise people or social, cultural or business trends from a moral point of view. I may want to examine the practicality of an idea or a plan. The possi­bilities are limitless, Suffice it to say, I enjoy passing judgment on the worth of things. The right career position for I might require frequent value judgments, projections of cost effec­tiveness or a concern for quality or authenticity.


My motivation includes an ability to organize. I enjoy arranging or structuring different elements into an organic whole or a system­atic, functioning order. I want to give my attention to the interdependent relationship of the parts, the elements, and/or the people that go into a whole operation, project, activity, or design. The right working circumstances will allow me to build organizing structures from scratch or to make an impact on the efficiency and/or effectiveness of the existing order of things.

by integrating, gathering pieces together

My organizing ability involves integrating pieces into a unified whole. I enjoy starting from scratch, gathering diverse elements and fitting them together into a well-ordered unity that covers all the angles. Perhaps, I handle the job of setting up a branch office or a new department. Putting together an effective report or presentation might be one way I express this ability. It could be that I take the responsibility for staging an event; perhaps, a series of seminars or a company picnic. In any case, I want to bring together and integrate all the materials, people, ideas, etc. necessary to a successful project, operation or activity. The sense that everything is falling into place is particularly satisfying for you. The right working circumstances will allow me to start from scratch and put the pieces together.


I am motivated to meet up-coming needs, challenges, or objectives by exercising my ability to plan. I enjoy looking ahead and devising an appropriate method, procedure, or program of action through which I can deal with expectations, demands or possible contingen­cies. I want to plot out the means necessary to achieve an end. The right working circumstances will allow me the time and opportunity to plan and prepare for what lies ahead of you.

by drafting, laying out

My planning ability is characterized by a visual orientation. I want to lay out or draft all the elements of the plan in a graphic format. For you, planning means plotting out the details in some kind of picture. Perhaps, I draw up engineering or architectural plans. I might use maps to lay out a distribution network, trans­portation route or sales territory. It could be that I work out the management structure and staffing of an operation in organiza­tional charts. Regardless of my specific objective, my plans take a visual form. Career involvements that require me to plan through pictures or graphic representations are right for you.


My motivation is expressed in part through my ability to create. I enjoy translating my ideas, my impressions, and my experience into forms or tangible results that are distinctive and original. I want to bring into being things that are unique. The right working circumstances will allow me the time and independence to work with my own ideas and with materials of my own choosing. I want to be able to focus my efforts on producing unique objects or creations or to introduce imaginative angles that have a transforming effect on things.

by designing, conceiving ideas

My creativity is exhibited in the area of design. Regardless of whether I focus my efforts on structures, systems, processes or products, I want to be the one who gives shape to things. The challenge of approaching an objective from all angles fascinates me and satisfies a strong planning instinct. I enjoy the sense of total perspective that arises out of the need to accommodate or account for all the variables entailed in producing a prototype, a model, original pattern or scheme. My design activities might involve the application of engineering skills and a knowledge of physics or a practical grasp of aesthetic or geometric principles. Perhaps, I work within the limits of space, technical specifications, or cost factors. It could be that questions of marketability or features that will get a jump on the competition are part of my considerations. Although I may combine and integrate estab­lished concepts, I want to introduce something new and innovative through my designing. The right working circumstances will engage my creativity in design projects.


The nature of my motivation includes a desire to develop things, ideas or people. I am fascinated with the potential of resources and the evolution of possibilities. By careful handling of key elements and variables, I enjoy promoting progressive, step-by-step movement toward a fuller expression of potential. Working circum­stances that accommodate this ability include responsibilities and assignments that encourage and require development activities.

by adapting, modifying

The strength of my developing ability lies in my talent for adapting what exists to new or better uses. I seek to introduce changes that will result in improved quality, function, efficiency or effectiveness. A pragmatic flexibility and resourcefulness characterizes my efforts. I tend to be quick to identify angles or features of an object, systems, processes or procedures that lend themselves to modification. I might, for instance, adapt the structure or the nature of a production process to increase the volume or the quality of its output. Perhaps, I modify the design of equipment or machinery to improve its safety or energy effi­ciency. It could be that I adapt administrative procedures to enable staff to handle work more quickly and with less risk of costly errors. In any case, I enjoy complex challenges that test my expertise and my ability to come up with creative solutions to problems or to overcome limitations. A work environment that is rather fluid and challenging and which requires me to be resourceful is clearly right.

by refining, clarifying

My developing ability focuses on the process of reducing matters or materials to their essential terms or forms. I enjoy cutting away the extraneous or superfluous to get at what is important or necessary about ideas, data, policies, etc. It is satisfying for me to break down a complexity into its elements and define its essence, When applied to a skill, object or material, my motiva­tion is to improve or perfect it by honing it to a fine edge. I may strive to influence or educate others by precise communication. Perhaps, I work to streamline an operation or plan by bringing key elements or angles into sharp focus. The right working circum­stances may include a responsibility to meet needs or solve problems. I may act as consultant and shed light on complex and confusing issues, establish new priorities or clear the way for fresh starts. In any case, be sure that my work includes opportu­nities to refine and clarify what already exists.


An ability to produce things is one of my motivational strengths. I like to focus my efforts on a process that ends in a finished product of some kind, Whether I work with my hands, simple tools, or sophisticated machinery, I enjoy applying my talents to the task of building, shaping, or manufacturing objects or structures. The right working environment will provide me with the opportunity to work through specific procedures, methods, or techniques in order to turn materials into a finished product.

by crafting, making

My producing ability focuses on crafting and making things. I enjoy producing through a practiced, exacting skill. Although I may make personal choices in the use of materials or techniques, I tend to seek to conform to accepted standards of quality or excellence. My efforts are marked by a close attention to the precise execution of details. It is likely that I give consid­erable care to refining or polishing my work until every detail of the final product comes out perfectly. The distinctive proper­ties of the materials and tools I work with are probably an important concern for me as well. I might be fascinated by their inherent characteristics and by the range of effects I can create with them. It could be that I apply my expertise in this area to add creative touches that make my final product somehow unique or distinctive. The right working environment will give me the time and freedom to produce things that meet my standards of quality and craftsmanship.


My motivational pattern features an ability to communicate. I enjoy conveying information, concepts, thoughts, or emotions in words or pictures that will enable people to understand my point or my message. Whether my message is aimed at an audience of listeners, viewers, or readers, I strive to effectively transmit what I have to say by formulating it in the kind of words, style, and/or format that will cause people to react as I want them to. The right working circumstances will allow me to make an impact on the minds and efforts of people through the power of effective communication.

by conferring. discussing, brainstorming

I enjoy communicating by conferring and discussing. I seek out situations where people get together formally or informally to talk over problems, make plans and exchange ideas and information. Whether I am acting as a resource or reaping the benefit of the opinions or expertise of others, I find free-flowing discussions both stimulating and valuable. The right working circumstances will allow me to sit down with individuals or small groups of people and share my thinking in give-and-take sessions. An environment where people keep their ideas to themselves or where discussion is discouraged by working conditions or policy is definitely wrong for me.


Recurring Subject Matter


Ideas and theories are a recurring subject matter in my achieve­ments. I strive to comprehend things on a theoretical level and to ground my actions in carefully thought-out ideas. It is likely that I am as equally interested in studying the theories put forth by others as I am in formulating my own. Perhaps, I investigate and analyze a body of facts to come up with an explanation of baffling scientific or engineering problems. I might apply theories of organizational dynamics to the task of setting up or restructuring an operation. It could be that I exercise my interest in theories in an artistic field, or I may enjoy theoretical speculation purely for its own pleasure. Look for career involvements where speculative thought is encouraged and relevant in some way to the success of my efforts.


I am motivated to gain knowledge and understanding. To you, knowledge might mean a comprehensive grasp of both the details and the principles involved in an operation, issue or plan. Perhaps, I seek an understanding of philosophical or theological concepts. I may want to gain wisdom about human nature that allows me to communicate with and relate to people effectively. It could be that I strive to gain a conceptual understanding of the fundamental principles behind natural phenomena. An intimate familiarity with the skills and techniques of a craft or art may be the kind of knowledge I pursue. I may seek to acquire knowledge for its own sake, or I may want to put it to some practical use. In either case, the right working circumstances will provide me with the time and opportunity to accumulate knowledge and develop understanding.


I enjoy dealing with materials. Building with lumber, concrete, steel or other construction materials may be my interest. Assembling or machining parts in a manufacturing process could be how I handle materials. I might process raw materials like timber, animal hides or iron ore. Perhaps, I enjoy working with clay, stone, cloth or paint in artistic or craft activities. It could be that I involve myself in purchasing, supplying or distributing materials. Regard­less of my exact involvement, I want to work with tangible resources. Look for career involvements that feature a constant exposure to materials.


I enjoy working with people on a one-to-one basis. I am inter­ested in people as individuals. Rather than merely as a context or instrument of my efforts, people tend to be a primary focus in my efforts. Perhaps, I seek to develop their individual talents by teaching or managing them in a highly personalized way. I may want to influence how individuals think and act or to help them over the rough spots in life. It could be that I am interested in collabor­ating with other individuals and joining my unique talents with theirs on specific projects. The right working environment will provide me with frequent contact with people and the freedom to relate to them as individuals.


I enjoy subject matter that is visual in nature. It is likely that graphic images hold a strong, innate appeal for you. I may have an interest in the dynamics of form, line and color and their relation­ship to design. Perhaps, I work with visual elements as a product designer, illustrator or interior decorator. I might create market­ing displays or advertising graphics. It could be that I engineer devices that reproduce visual images—cameras, computers, etc. Photography, painting or sculpture might be my professional field or my avocation. I tend to have general concern and sensitivity for elements, features and characteristics that appeal to the eye. The right career involvement will have me working with visually oriented subject matter.


Working with or through systems or networks is an element in my motivation. I like the idea of equipment, people and procedures being unified into a regular interacting or interdependent mechanism/network. Producing or obtaining consistent results on a routine basis may be part of the satisfaction I derive from working with systems. Perhaps, I enjoy the feeling of having a whole operation under my fingertip control. I may be involved in the installation, maintenance and repair of mechanical or electrical systems. Perhaps, I design and develop technical or administrative systems or lay out distribution networks. It could be that I monitor, regulate or supervise the operation of a system. Whatever my specific function, the right working circumstances will feature some direct involvement with systems.


Recurring Circumstances

What factors keep me motivated and interested? EFFECTIVENESS POTENTIAL

My motivated abilities are activated by an opportunity to impact on the effectiveness of people, events or operations. I like to function in situations where there is a potential for improving or for maximizing results. The right environment will feature needs, problems or objections that allow me to demonstrate my capability to bring about a desired result. I may, for instance, design a marketing or advertising campaign that boosts slumping sales. Perhaps, I enjoy the opportunity to train or manage people in a way that will increase their productivity. I might use my planning and organizing abilities to tighten up the administrative systems of an operation and improve its profitability. In any case, I thrive in an environment where I can focus my efforts on improving results.


I am motivated to work in an environment where there is a need to exercise shrewd judgment in matters of finance. I enjoy exerting my authority over questions of cost and value. Perhaps, I shop around or negotiate to obtain goods, services or credit at the lowest possible price. It could be that I evaluate the cost of products, materials, resources, etc. in terms of their usefulness, quality or durability. I may enjoy the challenge of running things on a shoe-string budget. The financial stability and profitability of an operation tend to be a dominant concern for you. The right career involvement will feature specific requirements for the efficient use and control of funds and focus my efforts on regulating or advising others on matters of value, cost control and budgetary constraint.

What results do I seek? GOALS OBJECTIVE

I want to function where my efforts are directed toward a clearly defined and predetermined end. I may establish the goal yourself, or others may set it. It is important, in any case, that my focus and direction are clear and that I know exactly what I am shooting for. The strategies, procedures or methods to achieve the objective may be laid out by someone else or left entirely up to you; however, the target must be drawn before I can act with any assurance. The right working circumstances will involve me in assignments, projects or activities that focus around well-defined goals. Shifting requirements, vague responsibilities or unclear objectives will clash with my motivation.


I function well in assignments, responsibilities and projects where my efforts result in a finished product. I enjoy activities where I can sense progress towards a tangible end — something created, crafted, produced or constructed. I may like to look at what is completed and know it came about through my skill and effort. It could be that the appearance and quality of an object in its finished state are important elements in the satisfaction I derive from having produced it. The right working environment for I will be one where I am able to work toward a finished product of some kind.


I focus my abilities and tend to exert my authority in circum­stances where there is a concern for quality or craftsmanship in a product, performance or process. This might involve evaluation against a standard type, grade or some other set of established criteria/specifications. It could mean a concentrated effort on my part to achieve specific characteristics by carefully handling details in a prescribed way. Perhaps, my concern for quality is also reflected in the materials and tools I choose to work with or in the painstaking, long hours I put into completing a job. In general, I tend to be interested in excellence wherever I can generate, regulate or find it. Avoid circumstances where shoddiness is the rule and standards are low or where the press of time or budgetary constraints might force me to compromise standards of excellence.

What working conditions or environment motivates you?


I tend to concentrate my energies and excel within the context of a project or program. I may simply enjoy the sense of wholeness or completeness that comes with moving from start-to-finish through a specific project. The idea of a time-limited involvement with a definite goal may be the element I find satisfying about this particular context. The variety entailed in completing one course, activity or performance may be what attracts me to a project-oriented environment. It could be that I enjoy the opportunity to make a project my personal possession over which I exercise a guiding and shaping influence. The right environment will focus my efforts in activities that have a definite beginning and end.


My achievements indicate that I want to function within the context of a group, team or organization. I like to be surrounded by and identified with a group of people. It might be an association or fraternal organization, a committee, an athletic team, a specific department or even an informal gathering. Whether I play a support­ing or a leading role, I enjoy being caught up in the shared interests, activities and goals of a group. I should, therefore, avoid responsibilities and assignments that tend to isolate me from people and require me to function on my own.


Relation to Others


I tend to gravitate toward roles, positions, and involvements that are crucial to the success of an operation, project, or program or to the needs and goals of people. Perhaps my aptitudes or expertise give me a strong grasp of the specific functions and mechanisms that make up a total effort or a department as a whole. I may, on the other hand, identify what the key spots are and position or assert myself where my input can have a critical effect on the overall outcome of an endeavor or a process. It could be that I seek roles that put me in a position to help people in ways that have an important impact on the success of their efforts. Regardless, I contribute in a specialized way to key areas.

I may step in with technical advice that is instrumental in solving problems, developing strategies, or planning. It could be that I have a special understanding of how to handle people, and I use my influence to create an atmosphere that motivates people to work effec­tively together. On the other hand, I may contribute to people’s needs by counseling or coaching them or by simply pitching in and helping them in some way. Perhaps, I seek a central role where I actually hold an effort or operation together for a time. My ten­dency, however, is to contribute only long enough to be sure things are on the right track.

I need not be involved in the actual implementation or administra­tion as long as my ideas or advice are adopted. I tend to function as a distinctive contributor rather than merge my efforts with others. Unlike a person who simply wants to participate in a general way, I want my contribution to reflect my individual expertise. I want it to have a definite overall value, a specific application in making the whole effort successful. Look for those career oppor­tunities that allow me to contribute in key ways.

I am also motivated to relate to others in a directive manner. I therefore seek to function through subordinates, assistants, associates, and even bosses, in precise ways.

I want the people I work with to think and perform in a manner I identify as correct, appropriate, or most useful. I want people to carry out the effort in the exact manner I specify.

Having complete control over an operation or an effort from beginning to end is an ideal situation for you. In many cases, I want to make sure things come out according to plan. The duration and frequency of my personal intervention will depend upon the complexity of the activity or the extent of my trust in individuals to carry out my wishes. In any event, I make sure my thoughts, words, and purposes are adhered to, whether I am physically on the scene or not.

Career involvements where I am provided with the time, freedom, and the right people to get the job done the way I want are what I should look for. Avoid managerial responsibilities that isolate me from direct control over details or that require me to supervise people who are inclined to persist in doing things their own way.


Evidence from my achievements indicates that my relationship to authority tends to vary according to circumstances or according to the operating style of my superiors.